Monday, December 13, 2010

A strange feeling....and the North-star...

was not started as usual, it was something i was dreaming for my whole life, and when it was with me, i was so afraid of it, i was running from it, i am still running, but after it.. It was some most beautiful experience one can have in his lifespan, what is it, is it just a feeling, is it like rainbow in north sky, which only appears, if rain and light stays together, having some scientific reason to persist in the virtual world, where nothing is immortal, neither my feelings, nor my envy, jealousy, or friends or enemies....

why it is virtual, what is real will not change itself, with the situation, like the north-star in the north sky, whom everybody can trust, but even it is not too powerful to show us the way of happiness, in the day, maybe it don't want to do so, as we don't need him, like friendship, and true love, when we are surrounded by so many beautiful persons, we might hardly think about our true friendship, as we don't need it in that time.

when it is night, i am alone in the middle of the universe, with the question about my existence and all my star friends are too far from me, shining and glittering in the night sky, beckoning me to hold their hands, but how can i leave, as i told somebody i will be here, waiting for you, though it takes thousands of light-year for you to reach me, i will be still waiting for you. so i cannot move.. and look that trust i have shown to someone, in return, shown thousands of trust to me, the silly people in the planet called Earth, they look at me to find their way to home, they trust me, that i will never ever leave this place. Maybe they make fun of me, when all the stars are moving, enjoying, i am still in same spot, ignoring them. But so silly they are, in that small planet, where they can lost? I don't know, but they have the fear of getting lost, they lives only 70 years max, i have seen many people, dying in that planet, many little to born, still they fear to loose their loved one, and i am also doing the same, staying here for thousands of years in the hope, to get drenched by the ray of her light. So i can't move.

might have thinking how i get these feelings, how the rainbow is, the love, fear, happiness, sorrow, and feeling of getting drenched. Its only can be feel by you, humans, then you are wrong. Maybe sound cannot come to the place i belong, as you don't listen to me crying, or laughing. But i can see you in that planet, all night, as you can see me, crying , smiling, loving... as always feelings are silent, for which I used to wait whole days, like you..

how many of you people, who are in pride that, the feelings only belong to human beings, feel the same, or like to feel the same, or want to? I doubt.. I can see most of them are busy with their life, office, and a strange thing called money.. and some of humans, who don't have them, look at me and tell me their story, from balcony, from the roof, from the window. I cannot listen, as I am far far away, but i can feel. I can feel the girl was happy as she got a new ipod from her parents after long fight, i can feel the girl is happy after having her first kiss with her boyfriend, i can feel the tears on her eyes, at the time of break up.. May be it is known to you, But which is unknown, i saw the same feelings in that boy also...

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