Monday, December 13, 2010


I am
trapped in quicksand... People say, you should do nothing, if you are in quick sand, the more you struggle, the more you will be trapped... That is true, I was struggling before, now stopped that, I can see myself not drowning any more, but am stuck till my neck, and then I realized I need to stop struggling. Now my only hope, if somebody show some pity and get me out of this situation.

I am
waiting for many days, I dont exactly remember how many days I am here, first I used to count, Now I have stopped that also, maybe counting was also some struggle I used to do against my situation. But their is always a bright way of every situation, Before I did not have time to look around, what others are doing, now I have plenty of time, Really I dont have anything else to do, rather look around what others are doing....

not so important at all, I think, we should not struggle against the situation we are facing, rather enjoy it, go with it, but, never should mix with it..i mean i will be in, but anytime, i can get out also, Not like that I am involved so much that I cant wake up from my dream, and when it breaks, it breaks all, my heart, my wisdom, my wish to be alive, then i am going with the flow, but can go against with the flow also, but that needs courage and knowledge....

as I was telling we should not involve in the situation, fortunately or unfortunately that happen, There is somebody, whom I cannot leave from my sight for a single moment without having pain, When she was not their, her thoughts remains there. I don't know how this all have started, But I know something started and I am out of guts to leave that situation, I know, I will not be able to be in this situation forever, One day I have to go, or I will sink in this quicksand, either-way I have to miss her, But as I said earlier I have hope, I know their must be some other way out always, no matter how difficult the situation is, and in this kind of situation, we should enjoy every moment and stop thinking about "how long"..

smile, is most beautiful I have ever seen, That makes me feel so happy, when she smiles, no-one can stay angry/sad, her smile will definitely make you smile. But when I see at her eyes, I see some loneliness, maybe she has something to say, but can't trust that much, that she will tell me, but am optimistic, someday she will tell me, and till then, I just want to be the hand, which she can hold, whenever she is in fear, she needs it. I just want to be someone, whom she knows, who always help her, and be their beside her, whatever the situation is. I have already lost many-thing, So just hope if I can give a little happiness to somebody I like.

stuck in a situation, I cant decide, should I lie sometimes to make her happy, or i should not ignore the truth, and let her feel the rudeness of life. Am not sure, But i don't care, when only her happiness is the most important thing..

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